Town Centre

The Town Centre is a bustling mini-community that provides the experiences, environment and props for visitors to use their imaginations as they enact everyday experiences. It also serves as a meeting place for visitors as well as a launching point for exploration of the various exhibits in the Town Centre.Seating throughout the area offers adults comfortable places to observe and participate in the chidlren's activities.

The Supermarket

The supermarket is a realistic, child-sized supermarket full of tasty and  healthy foods.  Grab a trolly and a shopping list or put on a uniform and become the store manager or a baker. Put on an apron and man the checkout.  Learn about the journey of food from the ground to our shelves! take part in an interactive food race, or test your sense of smell at the smelling station.


The Butcher

The butcher's counter is stocked with a variety of different meats. Put on an apron and learn about how meat is preared for cooking. Turn the chicken on the rotisserie, weigh your meats, organise the display case or snap together the sausages.


Dublin Diner

Visitors can place their order for something good to eat at the swinging Dublin Diner. Fashioned as an American 1950's style diner, songs from the 1950's can be played on an old fashioned jukebox mounted on the wall. Put on your Chef’s hat and get busy in the well-stocked kitchen preparing food for all the family.


The Post Office

Located at the back of the supermarket, the Post Office is just the place to take care of any mailing needs. Visitors can use a scale to weigh letters and packages of all shapes and sizes, before sorting the letters to be delivered to other areas of the town centre. Children can look at old post cards and memorabilia from Post Offices throughout the years before designing their own stamp.