The Roof Garden

The Roof Garden is an outdoor area where children can interact with Eco Badger; by exploring his house and work area. The green technology that we use throughout the building is explained on the roof, engaging visitors with our Eco Story.

Please note:

As the roof garden is an outdoor space it will only open in good weather and closes for the winter. The Roof garden has scheduled opening times which you can check at reception or at the Roof Garden door.

Eco Badger has also been known to wonder through the museum during the day so watch out for him!


the roof1On our Roof Garden children can

  • learn how photovoltaic (Solar) panels work,
  • discover how natural ventilation helps cool the building.
  • discover how long it takes for different items to biodegrade,
  • try to wake Eco Badger and explore his home and workshop.
  • spin in one of our flower cups,
  • balance on a caterpillar,
  • leap from a toadstool,
  • try out our leaf swings and
  • peer through our binoculars.

the roof2For further eco information click here