The Garage @ Imaginosity


Rev up your engines and take a trip to the refurbished Garage Exhibit.

Put on your overalls and get busy with the new Audi A1 car; fill it up with petrol or check the air in the tyres. Then climb on-board for a simulated interactive journey where you and your co-pilot must complete your journey in record-time, avoiding hazards, barriers and bad weather conditions.

You can build your own race-car with our finger-friendly, fun, multi-coloured cars and watch them zoom down the new race-track! Or you can use our computerised programme to design the car of your dreams from start to finish.


And for our smaller visitors there is a brand new easily-accessible low-level wooden car where you can jump aboard and grab the big red steering wheel and take your passengers on an imaginative journey to wherever you like!


There's a fantastic new 'cog-wall' where visitors of all ages can learn how the cogs work and see if all the pieces can fit together and turn round and round on this magnetised, colourful, tactile wall.