The climber allows children to journey from deep under the sea to Rapunzel’s castle through a series of interactive capsules. The environment enables children to crawl, move, explore, climb and imagine. The climber is filled with interactive elements such as levers, pulleys, mirrors and buttons, leading children on a discovery led experience into their imagination.


  • All aboard! Hoist the sail,grab the steering wheel and get ready for rough seas! Watch out for pirates!
  • Look through the periscope.
  • Find the rockets and blast them into imaginary space
  • Use you climbing skills to navigate the climber from bottom to top


  • Independent exploration,using physical activity as a catalyst to problem solving
  • Experience the different properties of objects and materials, quantity, size and shape
  • Discover the hidden room and listen for strange sounds


  • Become the captain of the submarine or the ship
  • Imagine you are Rapunzel and let down your hair. Maybe there is a prince waiting at the bottom of the climber?
  • Find the rocket ship and embark on a space exploration mission. Can you walk as though there is zero gravity?


Children are constantly in motion, because it is part of the developmental imperative of the early years to gain mastery and control over the way their bodies move. Opportunities for play and movement impact overall growth and development and the early years of motor development provide the foundation upon which all other movement and sports skills are built.

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