Corporate Sponsorship of Museum Exhibits

Imaginosity's exhibits have been carefully designed to nurture children's imaginations, to cultivate their sense of place, to foster their sense of self, to build their confidence and competence and to bolster their understanding that they are capable people with great ideas. Through education and shared experience, the museum strengthens family bonds, enhances the developmental potential of children and helps build a healthy community.

All museum exhibits are housed over 3 floors at Imaginosity, providing a suitable play and learning experience for all ages under 9 years, on each floor.

Sponsorship of a museum exhibit allows for maximum exposure for your company and your brand in the museum.

Brand visibility is maximised within the exhibit, as your logo will appear on a specific plaque detailing the sponsorship partnership between your company and the museum.

Museum Staff will work with you to create the most suitable link with your company's profile and demographic, to a given exhibit or area within the museum, thereby maximising your brand exposure and your sponsorship at Imaginosity.

The following pages detail the exhibits within the museum; on Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.