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We love doing workshops at Imaginosity, whether we are creating works of art with families, messy painting with toddlers, or working with schools on Science and Engineering workshops.

In response to people asking us for outlines of workshops we have put together this page where we will be posting our favourite seasonal workshops so you can do them at home.

We aim to update this resource page and would love to hear feedback from you. If there is a workshop you have missed or something you are interested in seeing on this page, let us know by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Science Activities

Did you know that science is all around you? Did you know that YOU ARE SCIENCE?!!

Try out some of our Imaginosity Science Activities at home to find out more about the world around you!

Dry Duck Experiment

 Click for a larger view

 Other Science Activities

Imaginosity Ice Catchers Banner

Try this cold weather experiment in your backgarden and make a 'cool' decoration for the bare tree limbs outside! 

Autumn Apples Experiment banner

As the autumn apples ripen, try this experiment. Use your powers of scientific observation to learn more about the properties of acids and bases!



Pulse Reader Step By Step Guide - At Imaginosity you can check your Pulse on our heart beat drum in Dr Appleaday's Office. If you want to learn how to take you pulse at home download our step by step guide to creating your own Pulse Reader by clicking on the link.

Shiny Pennies Step By Step Guide - In the Bank at Imaginosity you can do coin rubbings, if you have old coins at home that you would like to use but they are too dirty why not follow our step by step guide to how to shine up your pennies.


Kids Kitchen title 2

These recipes will help show you how to make fun and tasty treats to share!

And don't forget, always ask an adult for help before starting an Imaginosity Kid's Kitchen creation.

   Kids Kitchen Fossil Treats

Kids Kitchen Snowflake BiscuitsKids Kitchen Pumpkin Seeds 1Kids Kitchen Silly Smiles

Click on the image for a larger view


arts and Crafts banner

Marshmallow LaunchersFuzzy Bunny Basket

Other Arts & Crafts Activities

Snowmen banner

Make your Snowman drawing sparkle like the glittering snow outside! Click the banner to learn how!

Fake Blood Banner


The Costumes in the Theatre can transform you into all kinds of different characters. Make your own fake blood to add a spooky element to any scary costumes!


Pencil Pinwheel Step By Step Guide - If you have ever explored The Climber you will have seen loads of shiny spinning wheels all around it. If you would like to make your own Pinwheel at home follow our step by step guide. Click here for the Pencil Pinwheel Template.

Shaving Cream Marbling Step by Step Guide - We love doing messy activites at Imaginosity especailly with our younger visitors. If you would like to do some messy activites at home why not try shaving cream marbling!


Drama Games Banner

Cold Potato Game

Other Drama Games

DIY Indoor Ice Skating Banner

No ice outside - No Worries! With this fun drama game activity you'll be ice skating in your own house in no time!



Guess the Ghost Banner

Wooooo! Woooooo! WAAAwoooo! Hooo! BOO! Can you WAIL like a Ghost?!

 Play this ghost game with your most ghoulish group of friends!


"Sneak Up On Grandma" Step By Step - The Theatre in Imaginosity is full of props, costumes and puppets to spark your imagination, if you are looking for a simple drama game to play at home "Sneak Up On Grandma" is a staff favourite



Learn About Our Building Banner

We have created some cool trails and activites for families to do to learn about Imaginosity.

eco trail_map                                                      Gino Word Search 

Download the Eco Trail map - If you would like to learn more about how green our building is, the Eco Trail is a great resource. It leads you around the building showing you how we use green technology to run Imaginosity.

Download the Eco Wordsearch - For some eco-tastic puzzle fun!



If you enjoy colouring why dont you help colour in Eco Badger and his Friends




Download the Find and Seek Trail - If you fancy something a little more difficult, Try our Find and Seek Trail. The object of the trail is to find out where the objects are situated in the museum. Have fun!


 eco badger

find and_seek