Imaginosity's Wish List

wish listAs a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation, in addition to financial support, Imaginosity is always in need of other materials and equipment. For this reason, we have drawn up, what we call, a 'wish list' made up of items that we feel companies may be able to donate to Imaginosity.

We have broken down our wish list into the following areas:

  • Craft Materials such as coloured card, patterned materials & wire.
  • Science Materials such as magnets, LED bulbs & heat sensitive paper.
  • Art Equipment such as photo printer, photo paper & shredders.
  • Floor Equipment such as mops, movable wardrobes & vacuum cleaners.
  • Tools such as plyers, drills & stencils.
  • Exhibit Pieces such as costumes, sand boxes and early learning toys.
  • Administrative/Office Materials such as batteries & general stationary.