Free Day / Free Afternoon Sponsorships

fun filled_afternoonsImaginosity would like to introduce a number of 'Fun-Filled Afternoons' into our yearly programming calendar, which would be diverse in content and central to how the museum gives back to the community.

'Fun-Filled Afternoons' would allow all visitors to visit Imaginosity at no cost, thus allowing visitors that perhaps would not ordinarily be in a position to visit the museum, to experience the magic of Imaginosity.

'Fun-Filled Afternoons' are not possible at Imaginosity without corporate support.

Supporting 'Fun-Filled Afternoons' combines a short-term commitment with a highly visible sponsorship, along with excellent opportunities for corporate employee volunteerism. Your brand would instantly be associated with this sponsorship by virtue of the name chosen, for example: 'Free Afternoons with thanks to Anonymous ABC Ireland'.

Or, your company may prefer to sponsor a series of 'Fun-Filled Friday Afternoons' over a number of weeks.

Cost Of This Sponsorship

Due to fire regulations each session at Imaginosity can host a maximum of 160 persons.

An 'afternoon' would consist of 2 sessions. The following costs are therefore:

  • Sponsorship of 1 session /160 visitors - €1,280 euro
  • Sponsorship of 2 sessions / 1 Afternoon / 320 visitors - €2,560
  • Sponsorship of 1 month of 'Fun-Filled Friday Afternoons' / 4 sessions per month - €5,120
  • Sponsorship of 3 months of 'Fun-Filled Friday Afternoons'/4 sessions per month - €15,360
  • Sponsorship of 6 months of 'Fun-Filled Friday Afternoons'/4 sessions per month - €30,720