Exhibit Areas


Our 2.5 floors of museum's exhibits are carefully designed to:

  • Nurture children's imaginations
  • Cultivate their sense of place
  • Foster their sense of self
  • Build their confidence and competence

Through education and shared experiences, the museum aims to strengthen family bonds, enhancing the developmental potential of children and helping build a healthy community.






Level 1 - Play Your Story

Why not become a mechanic in The Garage, examine an x-ray in Dr Apple-a-Day's surgery, choose the evening meal in the Village Market and cook it up in the Dublin Diner? These and other engaging experiences provide an opportunity for your child to explore everyday situations in their own way and at their own pace.

Level1 TirNanOg



Level 2 - Create your Story

Drama on the Move! Sing, dance and dress up in costumes in the Theatre Space or present thenews at the TV Station. Become an engineer with hard hat and jacket in the Construction Zone and much more! Our Art Studio, Cyber Room and 'Little Me' for the under-2s are also located on this level.




Level 3 - The Roof