Ahoy Mateys!

September 15th-Oct 5th


Arrrr me hearties, it be International Talk like a Pirate Day on September 19th – Can ye come parlay with us over two weeks of shenanigans?

Pirate Hats & Swords, Ages 5+

Monday 15th, 22nd, 29th 3.30pm

Saturday 20th, 27th @ 12pm

Sunday 21st, 28th @ 12pm

Make your own Pirate Ships! Ages 3+

Tuesday 16th, 23rd & 30th 3.30pm

Saturday 20th, 27th @ 2pm

Sunday 21st, 28th @ 2pm

Pirate Peg Dolls, Ages 5+

Wednesday 17th, 24th Sept & 1st Oct 3.30pm

Thursdays 18th, 25th Sept & 2nd Oct 3.30pm

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th October 12pm

Dig For Treasure! Interactive Workshop

Friday 19th, 26th Sept & Friday 4th Oct 3.30pm

Saturday 20th, 27th Sept & 4th Oct 4pm

Sunday 21st, 28th Sept & 5th Oct 4pm

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th October 2pm

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Imaginosity, Dublin Childrens Museum is pleased to announce our involvement as an Associated Partner of 'WEAVE', a European project managed by 'Explora, The Children's Museum of Rome' in Italy (, 'Waag Society' in the Netherlands ( and 'Association Art Land' in Bulgaria (

Weaving Europe: Artefacts, Values & Exchanges - Cycles of cultural events and ateliers to discover Culture and Art through Textiles and Fibre Artefacts in Europe (WEAVE) aims to meet with 3-12 year old children, families, schools, teachers, museums operators, designers, fibre & textile artists, university researchers and students to promote cultural heritage through an innovative and non formal approach, learning by doing activities, hands-on experiences and art performances.

The main aim of the project 'WEAVE' is to organize three free events about textile art in the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Italy: ZigZag - Textile, fibre and felt: it's a Smart Child's play!


The project will also offer training courses and teaching-packs for teachers, twelve free downloadable video tutorials about the textiles workshops, a photo-exhibition at 'Explora', and a best practice guide.

As Associated Partner, Imaginosity, Dublin Childrens Museum will allow a facilitator on its staff to take part in 3 free access ZigZag events in Amsterdam, Sofia and Rome (September-October 2014) working side by side with 'Waag Society'/'Association Art Land'/'Explora' staff, 3 international textile artists and art student groups to offer textile workshops to children, families and schools. Before the events, the facilitator will take part in an international training meeting in Sofia learning about textile art and new workshops.

We look forward to sending our Education Development Facilitator Rebecca Dolan, to participate in the training session and in the events being held in Sofia, Amsterdam and Rome. By introducing our facilitator to the rich trans‐national traditions of textiles, they will have the ability to bring back the knowledge to our museum and continue the intercultural dialogue concerning the traditions and heritage with our own visitors through activities we will develop for our own institution.

This experience is also a valuable opportunity for our facilitator to build an informative cultural exchange with the museum professionals that she will meet and work with from across Europe, in turn bringing back to our institution new ideas for projects, best practice, and events that we could incorporate into our future calendar.

'WEAVE' is a project developed with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.

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