Corporate Volunteering Programme

corporate volunteerThrough our Corporate Volunteering Programme, your staff can benefit from the experience and knowledge that they will gain through volunteering at Imaginosity. We can enable your staff to become involved in projects and activities that are of a particular interest to them or to your company.

The Corporate Volunteering Programme is for volunteers 18 years and over.

The primary objectives for the programme are:
  • - To give adults the experience of working in a museum environment.
  • - To provide the opportunity to work with families & children in a creative environment.
  • - To teach lifelong skills of leadership, responsibility & communication.
Benefits of Volunteering:

Corporate Volunteering creates multiple win-win situations. Volunteering enlarges the horizon of employees & enriches their competencies. Not-for-profit, charitable organisations such as Imaginosity profit from engagements and expertise of corporate volunteers.