Cause Related Partnerships

If your company or employees are passionate about a particular cause, Imaginosity has several programmes and initiatives that may meet your philanthropic objectives.

- Environment & Sustainability

Imaginosity has implemented several new projects & programmes over the past year, including Recycling Week in conjunction with WEEE Ireland & The Rediscovery Centre; Earth Day Celebrations and Meteorological Day, as examples. As these efforts expand further into 2012, the museum needs additional corporate partners to help showcase projects that will demonstrate how environmental responsibility can educate & inspire thousands of families every year.

- Children's Literacy / Reading

Ireland is a literary nation with a cultural history of noted authors & great literature. The world of story, storytelling, imagination, language & literacy is part of the fabric of Ireland itself. Following on from this strong tradition; language, literacy & the world of stories play an important role in the visitor experience at Imaginosity. Every element of the museum has been carefully planned to elicit language, to encourage children to narrate their experiences, to make up, retell & create their own stories. Imaginosity recently secured sponsorship of an entire collection of books for our library exhibit from Walker Books International. We are planning our first ever 'Festival of Stories' to tie in with National Children's Book Month 2011, with an exciting schedule of events & activities & celebrity guests; encouraging families to experience the joy of reading together.

- Theatre & Performance

Since opening in 2007, Imaginosity has hosted a number of successful theatre projects, such as The Natural Confectionary Company (TNCC) sponsored 'Kid's Stage Theatre Festival', Schools Theatre Week & Schools Performance Week - all made possible by the two-year sponsorship partnership with TNCC. These mini- festivals gave Imaginosity a wonderful opportunity to invite a myriad of wonderful performers and performance companies to Imaginosity to delight, astound & inspire our young visitors. We look forward to many more similar & exciting developments in the Theatre Space in 2012/2013.

- Children's Education / Learning

Through our interaction with schools from all around the country, Imaginosity has educated thousands of primary school children in particular topics through our themed weeks programmes; such as Engineers Week, Science Week (both in association with Audi Ireland, as part of its sponsorship of Science & Engineering Programming at Imaginosity 2011 - 2013) & Music Week.

Other areas / causes that we would like to explore in 2013 are:

  • - Children's Health / Healthy Eating / Self Image
  • - Multiculturalism / Diversity / Inclusion